Getting There
We are to 80 km from Madrid, following for the Nacional A-1 up to the Km 69, at a height of Lozoyuela, for which we will stop the Nacional to continue for the M-604. Continuing for it we will cross the river Lozoya for the bridge Taboada, from which we will pass the viaduct and after passing it for the tunnel we will turn right for the M-634 up to coming to Gargantilla del Lozoya. If we continue 3 km we will come to Pinilla de Buitrago. Also it is possible to accede from the Km 75 of the Nacional A-1, turning aside to the left side at a height of Buitrago del Lozoya for the M-634.

For more details you can use the following interactive map.
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Map: Indicated with an arrow Gargantilla, Pinilla and Navarredonda.

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Getting to Gargantilla and Pinilla

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