Pinilla de Buitrago-Gargantilla del Lozoya, Ermita Santiago

 Suitable path bicycle / horse to be realized to foot/.

Tour - 2,7 km.

Difficulty - Fall.

Altitude - ranges between 1071 and 1134 m.

Beginning / end - Plaza Constitution in Pinilla de Buitrago - Plaza Carlos Ruíz in Necklace of the Lozoya.

Coverage Telefonica - the Whole tour.

Es posible que tu navegador no permita visualizar esta imagen. We initiate ours to walk in the Plaza of the Constitution, leave the Church and go down for the Street Buitrago up to going out of the municipality for a way, initially(originally) asphalted surface to happen(pass) to be after land. This one is the way to accede to Embalse de Riosequillo, which sights now are wonderful. We continue for the way up to coming to the Cerrada de Garay, which passes in his(her,your) beginning flanked by walls of stone, between meadows of green pastures and numerous ash-trees. To accede we will find a cattle closing and hurdle, which we must spend(pass), opposite we see a housing and in a cattle estate. It is easy to be grazing the cattle, cows, sheeps and horses.

 We continue and we will think a crossing one of the Alleys that they go down it(he,she) was doing the Reservoir. We continue abreast. Hereinafter(later on) the Way is opened, emphasizing a rodal of oaks of great size. A few steps hereinafter(later on) we start seeing to the bottom(fund) the reed-mace of the former Ermita de Santiago, which us marks the directión.


We end in the so called Tercio de Santiago, have opposite to us the Municipal Cemetery of gargantilla del Lozoya and to his side the Ermita de Santiago gets up. They tell that in this place there existed a village called Santiago, of alone which his Church stays in foot, today  Ermita de Santiago. Of it the walls, the beautiful reed-mace remain and in the entry his arch of Mudejar style. The people was left and his inhabitants moved to live to Gargantilla del Loozoya.

From here we see to the bottom the roofs of Necklace and on them stands out the investor Cerro de la Cruz, with an altitude of 1514 m. We will go the municipality was doing for the way of zahorra that crosses this third. We leave to our side a watering place for farm animals and walk up to coming to the route, which we will cross for the bridge constructed on her(it). To his(her,your) side a viewing-point exists from where the sights are very good. We come to the municipality after going on next to the cattle sleeve and a cattle exploitation to another side. Already in Gargantilla del Lozoya we pass for the Source of the Acorn, constructed with big stones of granite, up to coming to the rotunda and to the left side we will go to Carlos Ruíz's Plaza.

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